Articles Of Inspiration

Todays title "Articles Of Inspiration" is a catchy play on words inspired from the "Articles Of Confederation" of 1776-1777. We hope these articles are inspirational. As usual we aim to entertain, inspire and motivate. The High Noon challenge image of the day is a screen shot of my app in the background with some inspiration text below. Can you guess who inspired the text?

This week we attained a short term goal of building a unique crypto app. This app is unique because it uses tiles to display as many crypto coins as possible and each tile is color coded based on whether it increased, decreased or remained the same price. Most other sites are using a list format with only 2 colors green price % up, red price % down, so the addition of blue %0 change is also unique. This is useful for identifying stable coins like USDT, BUSD, USDC and TUSD etc. as well as identifying unchanged prices in general. To stand out apart from the herd we are trying new things. In future versions we plan to link to charts for each coin. Try out our new app! The link is below. Cheers and have an inspirational day.
Coin tiles using api data