Coin API

Crypto APIs have been a big focus here for a few years. coinmarketcap was my first inspiration as it at the time(2016) had one of the largest collections of cryptocurrencies on the market. Soon after I discovered cryptocompare and coingecko and a year after that of shapeshift and learned to use each of their APIs.

Until this last week I had not bothered to use anything but python to access any APIs. Python being my favorite language I just hadn't gotten around to really using anything else. Recently doing the javascript tutorials on freecodecamp I decided to take a shot at accessing the API and discovered their live data websocket API and got it working. Very exciting. Also got there REST API working in PHP. Here are the links to each. keep in mind this is just proof of concept and these are by no means finished product. Cheers!
coincap live data
coincap rest api